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Our focus as a traditional publishing house is on great Texas literature, Biographies, and Non-fictions doesn't exlclude other worthy projects. We offer the finest publishing services at a very reasonable package, and ancillary book marketing services à la carte.

$1,500 Publishing package includes:

ISBN Assignment

An International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is the identification number assigned to every book published in the known world and is essential to distributors, retailers, printers and readers to accurately find and order your title. We assign every book we publish with an ISBN and provide the appropriate cataloging through Bowker and Books in Print® metadata.

U.S. Copyright Registration

We will complete and submit your copyright registration to the U.S. Copyright Office with a copy of your book. Once registration is complete, you will receive an official certificate that verifies your book’s coverage under U.S. copyright regulations.

Library of Congress Control Number

LCCN allows your book to be quickly found and cataloged by librarians and book vendors by cataloging it with the Library of Congress (LOC), linking your book to the Library of Congress (LOC), national libraries, bibliographic utilities and other book vendors so your book is easy to find.

QR Code

Your QR code registration for your book and web site is imperative to online shopping, and broker dealers. The QR Block should be on your book jacket and used on the Que-Cards for book promotions.

Interior Book Design and Layout

We create a custom interior for your book, to include chapter titles, headings, page numbers, and other layout details formatted for enjoyable reading that meets the highest standards. Indexing and bibliographical services are available.

Editorial Review

We can provide very basic and broad editorial assistance for content, grammar, word choice and limited context to provide a more enjoyable read and to meet basic standards during the final layout and design stages. However, finer levels of editing assistance are available upon request and we also have a list of qualified editors that may match your needs.

Image Insertion

Up to 10 black-and-white photographs, tables, charts, diagrams or other graphics and visuals can be placed in your book for free. Additional photos or images are charged $10 each.

Cover Design

Incorporating your ideas with our high standards and over 30 years of experience, we will create a compelling cover design for readers and book buyers to consider your title. The cover will correlate to the book’s category or genre, content, and audience.

Hardcover Publishing

The casebound option features a full-color glossy cover image adhered directly to the cover. The dust jacket option features a cloth cover with an embossed spine and a full-color dust jacket with flaps. Your hardcover edition will also be assigned a unique ISBN. $350

Complimentary Author Copies & Author Volume Discounts

You are automatically entitled to a 33% author discount, and a 45% discount on whole case orders. Your first 10 copies are free.

E-book Publishing

We can format your e-book to help you reach even more readers and you will receive royalties on each e-book sold through Amazon Kindle, the Sony Reader, the Barnes & Noble eReader, Nook, Google Play Books, Kobo Books, and iBooks Store. $250

Worldwide Book Distribution

All books are listed in the Books in Print® database and are available for sale worldwide in our online bookstore. Worldwide distribution and wholesale relations with Ingram and Baker & Taylor offers an international network that delivers your book for orders to the United Kingdom, Australia and Singapore.
Titles may also be made available for sale on online bookstores, such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and Books-A-Million.

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